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Author Spotlight ~*~ Brandy L. Rivers

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This week I'm excited to welcome Brandy L. Rivers to the blog!  
She is sharing some information on her newest release!  
Her paranormal series is fantastic and links to our reviews of  the 2 books are below!

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I'm Brandy L Rivers, and I just put out the prequel for my Others of Edenton Series. New Beginnings is a full length book and takes place two years before In Too Deep which is already out. This one covers Jess and Slater's story.

Synopsis of New Beginnings (OUR REVIEW HERE)
Jess knew her life would never move forward if she remained a part of Gregory’s pack. Some Alpha’s just don’t know how to take care of their wolves. She had managed Gregory’s bar for years but she knew he would never sell it to her.

After one giant mistake, he went from bad to worse. As a psychic, she knew it was a downward spiral.

Taking her future in her own hands, she contacts the Alpha in Edenton. He is happy to sell the empty bar no one has the time, nor desire to renovate, much less run.

Their attraction is unexpected and the last thing either want, but they find the only thing they need in each other.

There is just one problem. Slater’s second in command is plotting against him. Liam will use anything to take over as Alpha.

Plenty of werewolves, an old vampire flame, plus a paranoid second, and don’t forget the psychic with a whole lot of attitude.

You can find the first chapter at my website.

Slater sees jess

Buy Links ~*~
Want to read New Beginnings? You can get it at the following places.
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It is live on Createspace as well Amazon will have the paperback up sooner or later

My Playlist for New Beginnings

Character Interview.
Hayden interviews/interrogates Slater and Jess, spoilerish.

Ohhh this should be good,  I love Hayden ~ local Sheriff ~ I can't wait for his story . . . 

Hayden paced through Slater’s living room. Things had finally settled down after that weak excuse for an alpha screwed up and shot Jess.
For a moment Hayden though Slater was going to lose it and shred Gregory who was a pathetic excuse for an alpha. There were a few things he didn’t understand.

“Seriously, Hayden, stop pacing and ask your damned questions,” Jess demanded.

He turned toward her. She was now standing with her hands on her hips, glaring up at him. He almost smiled. “How the hell is Gregory still an enforcer? He was a sniveling mess.”

“He’s nasty in a fight. He hasn’t lost one yet.” Jess slumped onto the couch next to Slater who slung his arm around her.

“Really?” Slater asked quietly. “He can actually fight?”

She smirked as her gaze swung to her mate. “San Francisco doesn’t have a lot of strong wolves. Not like you do here. There were a few who probably could have challenged him and won, but they never did.”

“San Francisco doesn’t have a lot of dominant wolves.” Slater shook his head. “How did you manage to stay there so long?”

She shrugged. “Jamie is there. I stayed until I couldn’t stand it.”

“Your twin?” Hayden asked, his head tilting to the side. He only knew she was an empath and that she didn’t seem to get into as much trouble as Jess.

Her gaze snapped to him. “Yeah, my twin.”

He just nodded and changed the subject. “What did Lincoln do after you were shot, before you left?”

She took a deep breath. “Healed me.”


“Not sure.” Her eyes narrowed. “Do I look like a healer?”

“No. Do you know what he is?” Hayden tried for a neutral tone and failed because her eyes flared in response. He had never felt Lincoln’s brand of magic before. Of course he was curious what the young man was. He had a way of calming most situations without much action. Just his presence seemed to make most people relax.

“Does it matter? I told him I wouldn’t say a word, and I won’t.”

Hayden’s eyes went wide. She knew? She wouldn’t tell him but she knew? Lincoln never told anyone, and so far he hadn’t had a reason to force the issue. “And if I asked Slater to command you to tell me? I may need to know someday.”

She shot to her feet and jabbed him in the chest. “I won’t say a damned word, and I’m pretty sure Slater’s smart enough not to force the issue.”

“She’s right.” The air vibrated with the Alpha’s growling tone. “I won’t. I advise you to back off my mate.”

“And Victoria,” his eyes narrowed in Slater’s direction. “Why did you let her drink from Jess?”

“I trust her,” he answered simply.

Hayden knew her secrets, but he didn’t think Jess knew. “Are you sure wolf blood won’t cause her problems in the near future? She’s been off Others’ blood for decades.”

Slater sighed heavily and Jess frowned as she turned to look at him.

“Was she addicted to our blood in the past?” she asked quietly.

Slater brushed her hair over her ear. “It’s not my story to tell. Trust me though, she’s not going to come back to drain you. She only drank from you to pull the silver out. She didn’t want me to lose you.”

Apparently, that was all Jess needed to hear because she nodded. “Okay.” She turned back to Hayden. “Well? What else?”

“Since neither of you are being terribly forthcoming, that’s all for now.” One day, he’d figure out what the hell happened and what Lincoln was and what drove Liam to lose his shit like he did. In fact, his next stop was Liam’s to see what he could find.

Wow, that was awesome . . .
I think I like Hayden even more now!

Brandy, Thank you so much for joining us and sharing this little extra insight!  
We love having you visit and you are welcome here anytime! 

In Too Deep Review is HERE
Buy Links for In Too Deep~*~
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Author Info ~*~
Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton Series. She wrote the series slightly out of order because In Too Deep was just the first one to come to her. This is the prequel. In Too Deep was the first book, but it takes place two years later. Shadows of the past will hopefully be out late November. It will cover Hayden and Amethyst. As an avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. She has a file full of manuscripts she plans to edit and put out there eventually. She lives in Western Washington with her husband and three kids, where she is already working on the future stories in the series. If you are interested in receiving emails about future book releases, please sign up for her email distribution list by visiting her site at:

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon and my website.

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