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Promo & Giveaway ~*~ Finding Our Forever by Lan LLP

Finding Our Forever
Forever #2
By: Lan LLP


Tragedy Strikes Again

Now weaved into Carson Bradley's web of boundless wealth and pharmaceutical rivalries, Lillian Ly is altering the course of her bright academic future. She’s determined to follow the beat of her devoted heart even after a devastating loss she'd suffered as a result of a deliberate accident.  With two missing researchers whose survival is based on a drug formula that Carson is unable to deliver, he fears the kidnappers will stop at nothing to get what they want—meaning Lillian’s life is also in danger. 

Can they find their forever with all the danger that still lies ahead?

Guilt gnaws at his conscience with each passing day, but despite his shame, he still can’t let her go. She is the flame to his fire, the soul of his heart. Without her by his side, he is just a body without a warm pulse.  Desperate to obtain the missing drug components and keep Lillian safe, Carson becomes overbearing and unreasonable.  Lillian’s strong-will tears them emotionally apart, stirring thoughts of doubt for their future. She knows she loves him irrevocably, but can she survive in his volatile world?

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Author Info
Over a long year ago, I picked up a pen and wrote the first sentence of a fantasy that I’ve imagined ever since I was a daydreaming little girl—minus the steamy parts of course. That initial sentence was the seed that grew into my flowering romance book, “Beginning with Forever.” With all my heart, I wrote, rewrote, edited, re-edited and now, I’m finally ready to share it with all of you. My one and only aspiration for this book is to have readers embrace my story and characters with their heart. If I can make someone laugh till their gut hurts, hate with vengeance, cry till their eyes dry out, fall in love all over again, drool over the hero or feel any other emotions, than I’ve succeeded my goal.

I’m the sappiest person in the world when it comes to romance. Don’t laugh! I believe in love at first sight, Prince Charming or Mr. Hot Billionaire in my book, and happy endings. In my heart, every women deserves all three, and they will when they lose themselves in my books. Your fantasy can become your reality with just the flip of a page, so come join me.

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Guest Post & #Giveaway ~*~ Now is our Time by Jo Kessel

As a Taurean I’m passionate about food and fine cuisine. Bottom line – I love to eat and I love to include food and drink in my writing. So when I was trying to decide what career the heroine of Now is our Time – Claire de Klerk - would have, it was easy: a Nutritionist! Claire actually started out as an aspiring artist, but like so many of us, after having children she chose to pursue a different path. Claire (like me) had always been a foodie and becoming a Nutritionist felt like a natural step.

Food and drink is important in this novel – pivotal even – but I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Suffice to say that Claire puts a lot of thought into her recipes, both for work and for feeding the men (and children) in her life. It gives her a lot of pleasure and I thought it would be fun to share a few of those recipes with you. They are all easy and most don’t even require a set of measuring scales – just trust your judgement.

Gooseberry Yoghurt Fool: This is actually the recipe that launches Claire’s career as a TV nutritionist. And she hilariously messes this one up – heck, all cooks can get it wrong!

Serves Four
450 g gooseberries, topped and tailed
1 tbsp custard powder
150ml semi-skimmed milk
150ml plain yoghurt

*Put the prepared gooseberries in a saucepan with enough water to cover the base of the pan. Simmer over a low heat until soft. Puree in a food processor.
*Mix the custard powder to a smooth paste with a little of the milk.
*Heat the remaining milk to just below boiling point. Remove from the heat and slowly stir into the custard powder. Stir in the sugar.
*Return the mixture to the pan and simmer over a low heat until thickened, stirring constantly. Allow to cool.
*Mix together the gooseberry puree, yogurt and cold custard. Add more sugar to taste if necessary.
*Pour into a serving bowl or individual dishes and chill before serving.

Curried Pasta Salad
Serves six – a very easy recipe!
Boil enough pasta for six people and leave to cool.
Make a dressing using three tablespoons of mayonnaise and three tablespoons of honey. Add a pinch of curry powder. Mix the dressing with the cooled pasta… voila!

Potato Salad with Caramelized Onions
Serves six – another simple recipe.
Boil new potatoes with skins on and leave to cool.
Dice a couple of large onions and fry till very brown. Mix the potatoes with a little yoghurt and mayonnaise. Put in a serving bowl and sprinkle the caramelized onions on top. 

Mackerel Pate
This looks posh but is incredibly easy and healthy too. Soy yoghurt can be used to make this a dairy-free dish.
Use as a dip or spread on thin toasts.
Ingredients: small tin mackerel, half a lemon, small pot of plain yoghurt, ketchup.
Drain the mackerel and put in a bowl. Add the yogurt, lemon juice and a touch of Ketchup and blitz it with a hand-whisk.

Now Is Our Time
By: Jo Kessel
Releasing Sept 12th, 2014

A story of second chance love set between London and San Diego.

Thirteen years ago Jonah Kennedy was one of America’s top tennis players, whose six-foot-three bad-boy California looks won him hordes of female admirers.

Thirteen years ago Claire Jackson, a fiery, aspiring artist from London, was the woman who stole his heart.

But the two held a secret which tore them apart and sent Claire running back to England.

They tried to move on. Claire married, had a child and became a successful TV personality. Jonah married, had a child and settled for life on the road.

Thirteen years later and both divorced, their paths cross again. Their attraction is even deeper - they feel destined to be together. Claire’s jealous ex, however, has other plans.

Can Claire and Jonah hold on to their second chance at love or will their past secret haunt them forever? After all, thirteen is only lucky for some....

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Author Info
Jo Kessel is a journalist, working for the BBC and reporting and presenting for ITV on holiday, consumer and current affairs programs. She writes for several national newspapers in the UK including the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Express and was the anonymous author of the Independent’s hit column: Diary of a Primary School Mum.

When Jo was ten years old she wrote a short story about losing a loved one. Her mother and big sister were so moved by the tale that it made them cry. Having reduced them to tears she vowed that the next time she wrote a story it would make them smile instead. Happily she succeeded and with this success grew an addiction for wanting to reach out and touch people with words. Jo lives in London with her husband and three children. She loves traveling and since becoming a mother anything even remotely sad makes her cry. She’s a sucker for a good romance and tearjerker movies are the worst. She’s that woman in the cinema, struggling to muffle audible wails as everyone else turns round to stare.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Release & #Giveaway ~*~ A Little Harmless Secret by Melissa Schroeder

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Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can trust them.

Devon Stryker is a man with no past—not one anyone can dig up that is. His made up identity has kept him safe from everyone, except one woman. Five years earlier he let his guard down once, one night of unforgettable passion. He has yet to get her out of his mind. When he thinks he sees her in Seattle, he becomes obsessed with finding her.

Alicia Hughes hasn’t forgotten Devon either. She had been on assignment from MI-6 to find him. Since he disappeared, her life has fallen apart. When she comes face to face with the one man she loved—and the one she fears the most—she panics. When he catches up to her, he finds the woman he has always loved—and the child they made together.

As the old lovers form a tentative alliance, the feelings they both had for each other rise to the surface. They have to let those things go to protect everything they hold dear in the world because someone is intent on destroying them…by any means possible.

WARNING: This title includes secrets, guns, a sexy know-it-all hero, spies, a heroine who doesn’t trust the hero, meddling inlaws, even more spies, double crosses, cool computer things, and two people who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other even though they know it isn’t the right thing to do. 

Remember, it’s a Harmless book, so have ice water and towels nearby. This title includes secrets, guns, a sexy know-it-all hero, spies, a heroine who doesn’t trust the hero, meddling inlaws, even more spies, double crosses, cool computer things, and two people who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other even though they know it isn’t the right thing to do. Remember, it’s a Harmless book, so have ice water and towels nearby.


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From an early age, USA Today Bestselling Author Melissa loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites, Winnie the Pooh and the Beatrix Potter books. She cut her preteen teeth on Trixie Belden and read and reviewed To Kill a Mockingbird in middle school. It wasn’t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book. 

Since the publication of her first book in 2004, Melissa has had close to fifty romances published. She writes in genres from historical suspense to modern day erotic romance to futuristics and paranormals. Included in those releases is the bestselling Harmless series. In 2011, Melissa branched out into self-publishing with A Little Harmless Submission and the popular military spinoff, Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance. Along the way she has garnered an epic nomination, a multitude of reviewer’s recommended reads, over five Capa nods from TRS, three nominations for AAD Bookies and regularly tops the best seller lists on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Since she spent her childhood as a military brat, Melissa swore never to marry military. But, as we all know, Fate has her way with mortals. She is married to now retired AF major and is raising her own brats, both human and canine. She spends her days giving in to her addiction to Twitter and spends her days thankful for their new home and the short trip to Wegmans.


Promo & #Giveaway ~*~ The Witchling Grows Up by Mary Moriarty

The Witchling Grows Up
Family Pendragon # 1
By: Mary Moriarty

Dylan Pendragon is not what she appears to be. She appears to be a twenty something, hippy, new-age follower… When in fact she is a ninety-year-old, witchling from one of the oldest families connected with witchcraft.

She has yet to get any powers so to speak. But she is destined to be the most powerful witch of them all…

And she is a virgin.

Justice is a seven thousand years old Vampire. He is the oldest friend to his former king of their kind, Cormac O’ Heachthanna. There are three things that vampires love. Blood, fighting and sex and not necessarily in that order. Justice lost his wife about six thousand years ago, so he has devoted his life to keeping mankind safe… and he has had no sex in that many years.

The Dark One has one thing on his mind. Capture Dylan Pendragon and take what he thinks is his… her virginity and her power which will blossom like a rose once she is taken. He will do anything to get her and that power or die trying.

In the course of one night under a full moon two become connected and set into motion events that can’t be stopped that will ultimately bring victory for some or one and the rest will be cast into the underworld for eternity and beyond.

Can Justice show Dylan he wants to protect her without touching her? Will he listen to his heart where love that has been dormant for so long, and is waiting to be released?

Will Dylan allow Justice to protect her so she can figure out how to get her powers and be strong enough to fight the Dark One? Or will she fall and be the sacrifice that the Dark One intends her to be.

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Author Info
I grew up in New England surrounded by a lot of history and storytelling by my father who was from the Mid-Coast of Maine. What I remember of my mother was her love of fairy tales, the wee people and poetry. So it’s no wonder I would one day write.

When I am not writing, I read. Of course I love Romance but can’t read the same genre that I write so I read mysteries, memoirs and history… I love history, especially Medieval and WWII.

I don’t generally watch TV but I love Downton Abbey.

My favorite authors… Mmmm, well let me see. Jane Austen, the late Elizabeth Peters, LM Montgomery, Loretta Chase, J.R.Ward , Sharon Kay Penman and Pamela Kaufman to name a few that come to mind.

What do I do when I am not writing? I am a mother of seven, four still at home. I have a home filled with pets, four dogs and six cats. I write seven days a week.

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Review & #Giveaway ~*~ Stand of Redemption by Cathryn Williams

Stand of Redemption
Stand # 2
By: Cathryn Williams
Releasing August 25th, 2014
Young Ink Press

I’m Nicholas Brooks.
Everyone thinks I’m a nice guy, a local fighter who plays by the rules.
I’m not.
I killed someone when I was sixteen.
The women love me, but I use them.
All except Ria.
However, to have her, I’ll have to fight for her.
The pit isn’t for wimps, either. No rules—get the KO.
To earn redemption, there is always a price.
Even if I win, I lose. Because Ria just might be the price I pay.

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I have to admit, I am really in love with the fighter books lately and couldn't pass up a chance to read Stand of Redemption even though Cathryn Williams is a new-to-me author. I'm really glad I gave it a chance because it was an emotional story that isn't cookie cutter and stands out from others in the same genre. 
Nicholas and Ria are almost like ships passing the night for awhile. We learn about them after a brief encounter where emotions toward each other aren't necessarily positive.  Both characters are strong, but they do what they have to to protect those they love.  There is a lot of drama and emotion packed into this story that just give us characters we can love and hate all rolled into one. 
If you like a passionate story where the characters face real issues and turmoil, I recommend picking up Stand of Redemption!

Author Info
Cathryn Williams is the oldest and only female in a family of four children. While born on the east coast, she has lived all over the country. Her father’s job as an engineer caused the family to move throughout her entire youth. She has spent time in Texas, Idaho, and Nevada before moving back to the eastern part of the country as an adult.
It was during these early years that her love of literature began, starting with Nancy Drew and growing with the Sweet Valley High series stories. This passion grew with each book and has caused her to transition into writing her own stories. Cathryn’s inspiration stems from a diverse childhood, loving family, and oversized lapdog Scarlet. When not giving life to her characters, she enjoys traveling, marathoning TV shows, and spending time with her family.

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Playlist & #Giveaway ~*~ Misbehavior by Kathryn Kelly

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Matthew “Val” Taylor, the Road Captain in the club, was introduced to sex at an early age. Saved from the streets by the club’s Enforcer and President years ago, Val now lives for women and the open road. Until the night the only woman he’s ever loved is almost killed. Val determines to change his ways and be the man Zoann Donovan should have and the father their son deserves.

Zoann has loved Val for a long time. Violence and bitter betrayal forces her to ignore her feelings and distance herself not only from the sexy RC, but her beloved brother, too. Until she discovers the truth. Can Zoann ever be forgiven for all the pain she’s caused? Will Val overcome his own demons and have a future with her and their son? Who will survive in an MC filled with lust and revenge, love and hate?

Warning: This is a tale of rape, murders, deception, heartache, lies, and infidelity. The road to redemption is a tumultuous struggle where only the strong survive and justice is served…Outlaw-style.



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Kathryn Kelly is living her dream and writing books. Everyone who follows Kat on Facebook is well aware of her relationship with her mother. For those of you who are unaware, the following will offer you a taste. To live in peace, Kat acknowledges she is a mom, but prefers to keep her personal life private. In spite of her momma. Kat has always been an avid reader and still devours books in her spare time. She also enjoys football, socializing, music, eating, and jokes. In her head, she's the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she's an ordinary girl-next-door and a native New Orleanian.

Death Dwellers MC

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book Blast & #Giveaway ~*~ Winterkill by P.H. Turner

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$5.00 Amazon Gift Card & eBook of WINTERKILL

A beautiful reporter and a charming rancher are caught in a web of mayhem, murder…and lust.

Reporter Sawyer Cahill returns home to Cheyenne, Wyoming to report for the local station. But leaving behind the coverage of the gangland murders of San Antonio only lands her smack in the middle of the ritualistic animal mutilations. Harassed and threatened by the freak behind the bizarre murders, Sawyer plunges into her investigation, reaping the attentions of two local ranchers.

Local rancher, Jake Spooner, tangles with a tug of war relationship with Sawyer. Tormented between his smoldering desire for Sawyer and his wish to keep her safe, their passion flames in a mountain snow storm.

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Teaching and shooting news and documentaries took me to work on the East and West coasts, the Midwest and an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Born a fourth generation Texan, I live in Austin with an energetic mutt that waits patiently every day for me to come home and write.