Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review ~*~ In Too Deep (Others of Edenton) by Brandy L. Rivers

Blurb ~*~
Fallon is a brilliant tattoo artist with inherent magic. Tired of men and their games, she climbs onto her Harley and leaves her old life behind.

Brody is a talented motorcycle mechanic and werewolf stuck in his painful past. It's just another depressing night until he's attacked by vampires. Thinking he killed them, he runs into the night and crashes into Fallon.

Unwilling to walk away from anyone in need, she heals Brody and then takes out the vampires who aren't as dead as he thought. Her past collides with the present, and she finds herself stranded in Edenton, Washington where an old friend lives. With no ride and no real plan, she winds up staying in Brody's empty apartment.

Feeling alive for the first time in years, Brody is determined to claim Fallon's heart and keep her safe from the shadows in her past. However, she prides herself on her independence and would rather keep him safe, even from herself.

With the impending danger from the group of vampires and dark mages, they will have to work together. The closer they get, the harder it is for her to fight her attraction.

Be prepared for monsters, magic and lots of ink.

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4 Star Review ~*~

If you like paranormal stories, don't miss out on the new series by new author Brandy L. Rivers.  I have to admit I have started to back away from the genre simply because I'm burned out, but I am really glad that I agreed to review In Too Deep for Brandy!

This is not your typical werewolf, shifter, vampire, or anything else paranormal type story.  It is a well woven city with it's share of mystical problems and creatures.  I couldn't believe this is was the first in the series as the characters feel so well established that I had to go check a few times that I wasn't missing a story or two in regards to some of the supporting cast.

For someone who has avoided the paranormal genre, I am really looking forward to the next book, New Beginnings, due out July 29th.  I highly recommend you give this author a chance and pick up In Too Deep.

Review copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review

About the Author ~*~

Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton Series, this is only the first book in the series. She has always been an avid reader with a passion for writing. She lives in Western Washington with her husband and three kids, where she is already working on the prequel and the next couple stories in the series. If you are interested in receiving emails about future book releases, please sign up for her email distribution list by visiting her site at: You can also find her at And at Twitter at:

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