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Guest Post & Review ~*~ Restricted Release by Sommer Marsden

Please take a moment and welcome the spectacular Sommer Marsden to the blog today . . . 
Having followed Sommer's work for several years now, I was beyond excited to get a chance to showcase her newest release.  
If you haven't read anything by Sommer yet, get cracking . . . you have some catching up to do!

Please take a moment to check out her favorite scene for Restricted Release and our Review, there's even a giveaway down there somewhere for you. . . 

So Dirty

There's something supremely dirty about confessing. Confessing is good for the soul. And if the confession is dirty, then it's good for the pantsular region, as well.

I once had to confess to a person that he was so much on my mind that in the middle of doing something totally run-of-the-mill I almost called his name instead of the person I meant to call. That his name was on my lips just waiting to be said.

It can lead to a very charges situation. Telling the truth to someone when it makes you uncomfortable. Coming clean can be deliciously dirty.

One of my favorite scenes in Restricted Release was Clara's confession to Matt. Here she is, poor almost shut-in Clara, after a very long dry spell in the sex department, marching herself next door to confess to her hunky new neighbor that she um . . . spied him. Nekkid:

“Hi,” I blurted.

He grinned at me and warmth curled in my belly. A wild untamed fear of what I was about to do flooded my veins.

“Hi there.” Matt grabbed my wrist very gently and pulled me in the house. He knew. We both knew.
“I came to…I wanted to…” I sighed.

He leaned against a huge stack of moving boxes, most just labeled by room. Living Room, Kitchen, Den and some were marked JUNK. When I said nothing he said, “Wanted?”

“You,” I blurted. “I wanted you. I saw…” I swallowed hard. “God, I really suck ass at this, you know?” I growled.

That earned me a laugh and I finally noticed his hand was still wrapped around my wrist. My pulse jumped madly beneath his fingers.

“I saw you naked,” I whispered as if he were the only man to ever be naked in the history of the world.
He chuckled again. In my mind his laughter was made of smoke and cashmere. It was soft and slightly sinister but soothing as well. It was a fucking enigma is what it was.

Matt put his hand to his chest in mock shock. “Oh no…not…naked.”

I nodded. “Yes, naked. And I wanted to…I wanted you,” I said, despite the fact that my face felt like it had caught fire. “And I figured if I was bold enough to admit it at my house earlier I should be able to just put on my big-girl panties and say it to you. Even thought it is utterly insane. Like lock-me-up crazy.”

I took a deep breath as if I’d just surfaced from swimming.

“So that’s what you have on then?”

I blinked slowly, trying to figure out what he meant. The fingers of his free hand curled in the waistband of my gray leggings and he pulled me toward him. I took the staggering step and realized I’d been forgetting to breathe.

“What?” I finally gave up and asked.

“That’s what you have on? Your big-girl panties?” He pulled my waistband out and peered into my panties.

My heart shot up into my throat and then started beating in my temples. I couldn’t remember what panties I had on. Shit, I couldn’t remember if I had panties on.

“No,” I sighed.

He pushed fingers into my knickers and simply cupped my pussy. His hand was insanely warm and his middle finger curled snug to the split of me, pressing very gently against my clitoris.

All the air had left the room. All of it. I felt like a fish out of water. A girl chained to the bottom of the pool. I was drowning.

But then he kissed me and I could breathe.

See how hot it is to confess? I think so, anyway. Not always. Not like, I dropped your pork chop on the floor and then put it on your plate anyway. That's not sexy. But I saw you...and I wanted you...and now here I am.

Oh yeah. That works for me.


Blurb ~*~
Clara is the recovering anorexic who’s nearly become a shut-in after the end of her emotionally abusive marriage. Matt is the new boy next door. Graphic artist, nice guy, funny…accepting of Clara.  She wants him, he wants her—but Clara is afraid.

Nadia is the stand-in—Matt’s idea, Clara’s challenge to accept. A longtime friend of Matt’s, she’s a sexual surrogate intended to guide Clara until she’s not afraid of Matt’s desire for her or hers for him. Twosomes become threesomes, watching becomes touching and lust becomes love.

When Matt moved in next door, lust was the last thing Clara expected. Two lovers never crossed her mind. And the need to make a choice was something she thought she’d never encounter. But she’s bolder now, healing, and everything has changed. And a choice must be made, no matter how hard.

Inside scoop: Clara’s healing includes a hot woman who wants to show her how desirable she is, as well as f/m/f menagés.

Available from:

10 Inch Review ~*~
This review has taken me a little while to write because I'm not sure how to put any of my thoughts into cohesive words for you guys. . . Let me first say, Sommer Marsden has never disappointed me with one of her books, so I jumped at the chance to review and host her without even reading the blurb for the story so when I started reading, I had no clue what I was getting into. 

What I got from Restricted Release was an unusual relationship that really just worked for all parties involved at the time.  I also gotten taken on an emotional journey I should have been prepared for but really wasn't.  Sommer Marsden takes her characters through whole new levels of pain and suffering that are so realistic that I challenge you to not see Clara in one of your friends/family/co-workers. While never anorexic or in an abusive marriage, I could relate to Clara on a level that was unlike many stories and more like a long standing friendship. 

I was sad to see Restricted Release end and even shocked by the ending that I didn't see coming from a mile away!  That was probably because I was so wrapped up in the story I never thought about an end, I just wanted to keep on living with them. I've been done with the book for a week, and for an avid reader who has already read 5 more books, I can tell you pieces of Restricted Release from memory and that makes this book a definite keeper and a must read recommendation for you.  Restricted Release is an emotional journey that will make your eyes well up, a chuckle or even a snort escape a time or two, and leave you with a feeling that you can conquer the world. 

For the hard line in the sand readers, a few warnings . . . Restricted Release does contain menages between a man and two women, and it does include some f/f scenes that will wet your big girl panties, as Clara might call them. . . 

Bio ~*~
Sommer Marsden’s been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue), “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler), “…the whirling dervish of erotica” (Craig J. Sorensen),and “Erotica royalty…” (Lucy Felthouse).

Her erotic novels include Restricted Release, Restless Spirit, Boys Next Door, and Learning to Drown. Sommer currently writes erotica and erotic romance for Xcite Books, eXcessica, Ellora’s Cave, Pretty Things Press, Resplendence Publishing and Mischief Books. The wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe runner author writes work that runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor.

Sommer’s short works can be found in well over one hundred (and counting) erotic anthologies. Her short stories have also been included numerous adult and romance magazines–both in print and online.Visit her at Unapologetic Fiction

Giveaway ~*~

One Lucky commenter will win a copy of Restricted Release by Sommer Marsden. Do you have a confession you've made or want to make to share with Sommer?  (She loves to hear the dirty stuff) Or maybe you've read Restricted Release or something else and want to share your thoughts . . . Or just say Hi!

Winner will be chosen by on October 31, 2013.  Please leave an email to be contacted at.


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