Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cover Reveal ~*~ All is Lost by Marie Wathen

Synopsis for All is Lost

One second: loud music, dancing, laughing, fun, family, friends, love and everything...


Next second: screaming, running, crying, fear, pain, blood, loss and nothing...


The events of one night on Willow Island will irrevocably change the lives of so many forever.

Breesan Maxwell’s ultimate downfall came that night after one kiss. The impenetrable wall surrounding her fragile heart crumbled, and now the entirety of it belongs to one man, Marcus Walker. Finally accepting his love along with those she denied for years, Breesan finds that it is vital to her existence.

Better judgment and commitments be damned, Marcus Walker succumbs to the one thing he vowed never to do. Love found him that fateful night, but will his new happiness be lost while he struggles to save the woman of his dreams. Heaved unwillingly into his poisonous covert life, will she survive the threats of abductions, illegal experimental drugs, and death?

Morgan Walker's twisted family responsibilities will lead him to an ultimatum that shreds his perfect plan apart. Promised one woman, intrigued by another, yet neither owns him. Will the one woman who could redeem his narcissistic ways be lost to him before he realizes that he suffers with a broken heart and needs her love?

Can these entangled souls survive the relentless pursuits of unforeseen forces, stopping at nothing to get what they desire? Or can Breesan, Morgan and Marcus push through their fears and personal hells, fighting for what really matters most before All Is Lost?

Teaser ~ Breesan Maxwell
I whisper, “It's too much.” Dropping my face into my hands, I fight the urge to cry.

“Shit!” Holding me against him, Marcus strokes my back with a gentle touch. After several minutes the guilt ebbs away. Determined to be strong I shrug out of his hold so I can catch my breath. Normal is what we need. If we have to pretend that everything is okay around everyone else then I need to do it with him too. Marcus is suffering just as much as I am, he just doesn't show it.

Author bio:
New Adult Author of the All Series (four book series), book one Be All released July 2013. Marie Wathen is a wife, mother of two, and when she isn't writing her other career is in law enforcement. Marie is a fourteen year veteran dispatcher at her local Sheriff's Office. It is also where she met her husband Barry (he is a police officer not an inmate). Born and currently living in Central Alabama, she enjoys a serene life in the country, but lives for the excitement of visiting large cities. Besides writing some of Marie's other passions include reading, traveling, family time with home cooking and an admitted addiction to Facebook. Although Marie has been a storyteller her entire life, Be All is her first publication. Marie's genre includes, but is not limited to, Romantic Suspense. She is currently collaborating on a Romantic Paranormal Thriller series that will release in 2014. 

Marie welcomes you to connect with her through her Facebook page, Twitter or via email.
Facebook Author Page: www.facebook.com/MarieWathenAuthor
Twitter : @mariewathen
Email : mariedwathen(AT)gmail.com

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