Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Releases ~*~ July 30, 2013

Here are some of this weeks New Releases . . .

I am sure there are a lot more out there ~
Feel free to add any you know of in the comments!!
Also, please comment and let me know if you like the new layout with the links . . .
It's a lot of work, but I'll happily do it if it's easier on you
(I Only Did half this week to test it)


do you just want to see new releases on Facebook posts . . .

All Available at Amazon (Click on Photo)
Most on Kobo (K)
Most on iTunes (I)
Most on B&N (B)
Some at Smashwords (S) (all devices) 
Some at ARe / OmniLit (A) (all devices)

 K~I~B~S~A                 K~I~B~S~A             K~I~B~S~A           K~I~B~S~A              K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A

 K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A          K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A           K~I~B~S~A 

K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A

 K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A            K~I~B~S~A           K~I~B~S~A              K~I~B~S~A

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