Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Release ~*~ Leaders of the Pack by Michelle Hughes

They were looking for a mate, but I refused to be any man's Bitch!

Tossed aside by my father as payback for a murder committed by our pack, my new Alpha gave me to three of his leaders.  As a half-breed who hadnít turned yet, he expected me to be honored by the act?  What honor was there in having three virile werewolves wanting to toss you on the ground and rip your body to shreds with their oversized, locking up anatomy?  The damn reason my mother kept me away from males was to spare me from that fate!  I wasnít any manís bitch, and planned on keeping it that way!

She thought she could resist our mating call, but eventually she'd submit!

Everything about us demanded her dormant sexuality awaken, and no bitch was strong enough to resist that pull.  What kind of female remained celibate especially when she'd been raised in a pack?  None that I was aware of until her.  Her luscious body called to the primitive nature of my beast, demanding I claim her for my own.  The only thought I had was bending her to my will and planting my cubs deep in her womb.  Our pack didn't support rape, so I'd use whatever seduction necessary to make her mine before the next full moon.  Sharing her with my friends was an afterthought, but sheíd soon come to follow any command I gave!

Join the Phantom Wolves, MC as they journey to the Prowl, the South Dakota motorcycle rally for shifters.  Once you go pack, you never look back.  They'll make you their bitch, and you'll like it!

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