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Guest Post & New Release ~*~ Beginnings by Lori King

Please Welcome Lori King to the blog today!  

First let me say congrats on 3 years of being published!  
As a reader I am so happy to have found each and every one of your books!

When I was a child I had a friend named Crystal who was in foster care. She wasn’t from a broken home. Her parents weren’t unkind or negligent, and there was no abuse (at that time) in her background. She was just unlucky enough to be orphaned young and her biological grandparents weren’t capable of keeping her. I learned a lot from her about the foster care system, but the biggest thing I learned from her is that families aren’t always made up of blood relatives. It was a profound lesson for a third grader, and it stuck with me.

When I was twenty and a mother of two children going through a divorce, my parents took in a thirteen year old girl named Sarah as a foster placement. She became my little sister in every way but blood relation. We bonded and she taught me as much as I taught her. I was broken hearted when she was moved to another placement a few years later, but that’s the way the system works.

At that point a story formulated in my brain. It was the story of a pair of kindhearted people who took in foster care children and gave them a stable place to call home, as well as a family to call their own. Adoption isn’t always an option, and even when it is, it’s not always right for the child. I wanted my story to focus on the emotional bonds not the legal ones.

Ten years later, the perfect character appeared in Seraphina Crawley. She and her husband were the first characters from Crawley Creek to start talking to me, and before long I realized I’d found the story in my soul. These characters have grown up hard and fast, and each on found a different sort of refuge at Crawley Creek Ranch. I’ve really enjoyed writing about the kids as they find love, but being able to go back and tell readers about the epic love story that Abe and Sera Crawley shared was a mission of love for me. That’s why this book is going to be permanently free for my readers.

I have been blessed with three years of publishing, and the best readers ever, and they deserved to know this story. I hope you enjoy Beginnings as much as I did.

Thanks Lori, I'm sure everyone will love Beginnings!  
There are never enough cowboys to go around ;)

Abraham and Seraphina Crawley have loved each other since they were fifteen years old. Abe has never doubted the strength of their bond, and together they’ve planted roots and built a successful ranch. But when Seraphina receives disturbing news that will impact the rest of their lives, she finds herself unable to tell the man she loves. Their decade-long marriage has been blighted by their lack of children, and now secrets could tear this couple apart. Follow their journey from heartbroken to houseful, and experience how Crawley Creek Ranch became a refuge for those who needed a place to plant roots. Second chances and new beginnings are a way of life at Crawley Creek. Everyone is welcome. 

*Note from the author: This is a short prequel to the Crawley Creek Series. It can be read as a standalone, but you will enjoy it more if you read the other books in the series as well. 

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About Lori King ~
Best-selling author, Lori King, is also a full-time wife and mother of three boys. Although she rarely has time to just enjoy feminine pursuits; at heart she is a hopeless romantic. She spends her days dreaming up Alpha men, and her nights telling their stories. An admitted TV and book junkie, she can be found relaxing with a steamy story, or binging in an entire season of some show online. She gives her parents all the credit for her unique sense of humor and acceptance of all forms of love. There are no two loves alike, but you can love more than one with your whole heart.
With the motto: Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance, she will continue to write as long as you continue to read. Thank you for taking the time to indulge in a good Happily Ever After with her.

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