Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review & Giveaway ~*~ Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

Book Description:
Karma Points is cursed. Cursed with a stupid name and the inability to lose her virginity. She's on a mission to lose her virginity before she turns twenty if it's the last thing she does.

One night, her good friend Eva brings her to an underground club where Karma meets a tattooed bouncer. He’s far from the clean-cut type she normally falls for, which makes her think this finally might be the night she crosses the threshold of womanhood.

Excited, she goes home with the bouncer named Jax and as always, her dreams crash down once again. Jax cannot believe she is willing to give away her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. As the only son with five sisters and a widowed mom, he can't morally go through with it, even though he's never been more tempted in his life.

Unwilling to let her walk away he strikes a deal. Karma has to spend three weeks dating him and then decide if she wants to have sex or walk away.

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Release Date = September 20, 2013

Review ~*~
Unintentional Virgin is a sweet story about Karma ~ just love her name ~ and how she deals with the stresses of becoming an adult.  I would classify this as an 18+ New Adult, Contemporary Romance.

Karma has her share of issues that are fairly normal for any girl in her position.  I loved that the author didn't make her perfect in any way, shape or form.  She is a character you can relate to and really root for as her journey takes her on an interesting path, especially once she meets Jax.  And while Karma has her issues, Jax is a little too good to be true at times but very likable.

This book is perfect if you enjoy a coming of age story that deals with family and relationship issues. It has its humorous moments, its touching moments, and even a couple of sexy moments.  There is something for just about everyone to enjoy in Unintentional Virgin.

Author Bio:
A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She's addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she's extremely excited about her positive feedback from her debut novel Now or Never. A.J. can’t wait to release her next book; and of course to continue writing for all of her new fans.

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