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Guest Post & Giveaway ~*~ No Turning Back by Deanna Jewel

We are super excited to have the always sweet and fabulous Deanna Jewel join us today!
We got a chance to meet her in Vegas earlier this year, and she is just as wonderful in person as her books are to read ;-)

Everyone say Hi to Deanna, check out her new book, and her contests!!

Can a man be an illusion?
I’m glad so many of you joined us today to find out how a man can be an illusion! In No Turing Back, my heroine is comforted by a man who’s become a good friend of her brother and happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when another man dies. One of my characters finds that he needs to pretend to be two people in order to find a killer but realizes too late that it can become a problem when he has to assume another identity. His hearts been broken and determined not to find himself in that situation again by burying himself in his work.

My heroine ends up alone and pregnant in a man’s world, in a society and time that refuses to recognize that a woman can be as successful as a man…an era that refuses to allow a woman to work and own a business. A stubborn Vanessa knows she must make a life and a living for herself and her child and doesn’t want to depend on a man to take the place of her husband in order to make her situation right with the ton of London.

Using her knowledge and love of horses, she decides to breed her own race horses. She gets the opportunity to purchase Arabians abroad and with her friend’s assistance, she sails across the ocean. The trip brings her close to breaking a promise to her dead husband and hates that her body betrays her. She’s vowed to stay true to his spirit and when the hero finds he can no longer resist her, can they come to an agreement between them or will she decide to live the rest of her life broken-hearted?

* * * *

No Turning Back is set in London 1778 and is the type of historical romance that brings together the ton of London at society balls who wear those beautiful gowns and ride in expensive carriages, royalty at court, swashbuckling pirates set on revenge, and rescues only a handsome duke can pull off to end up with the woman who’s captured his heart.

I hope you enjoy watching the book trailer and reading the excerpt below. The sequel to No Turning Back is my newest release, Whispers at Ghost Point, a contemporary paranormal romance where I’ve reincarnated the characters from NTB and placed them in the present 200 years later. I’ll be giving away a gift card to one commenter so be sure to leave your email below!

PS: My Native American time travel, Never Surrender, is FREE until the end of September. My blue-eyed warrior will steal your heart! Grab your copies while you can - I’d love it if you could leave an online review when you finish reading. Thanks so much!

No Turning Back by Deanna Jewel
Published By: Swallowtail Productions LLC
Genre: Historical Romance
Blurb ~*~
While avenging the death of his fiancé years earlier, Nathan learns that he love can again but is he willing to chance another broken heart? Will the woman he wants also learn to love again?

Vanessa is heartbroken over recent events in her life; she’s also head strong, flaunts London aristocracy and takes on breeding horses, something unheard of in the society circles of London. She finds herself trying to put the pieces of her life back together, but can she do it alone? With a child on the way, she is forced to do just that - their future depends on her strength. Then a friend offers to help. Dare she trust a man sworn to carry out a vow taken on a death bed? She refuses to accept that his love is true when his honor of sticking to his word is also at stake.

Can Nathan survive another heartache? Join him and Vanessa as they work through the torments of their past and work together to fight for their love and a future together.

Note to readers: These characters get reincarnated in my newest novel, Whispers at Ghost Point, a contemporary romantic suspense, now available!

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Excerpt from No Turning Back:
Afraid she would leave if he gave her the chance, he kept his leg across hers. He picked up her hand, turned it over and placed a kiss in her palm, his tongue circling on her tender flesh. Nathan heard her breath catch in her throat; a reaction he was hoping for. He continued watching her eyes, and enjoyed observing the emotions there as she watched his lips upon her palm. When she lifted her lashes to meet his gaze, she blushed again; a pink hue beneath the tan of her cheeks.

Rising onto his elbow, her lips drew his gaze and without waiting for an invitation, his mouth captured hers, his tongue slipping past her lips. A moan escaped from her throat, and Vanessa’s arms encircled his neck, bringing his chest down against her breasts. Hearing her pleasure added to the agonizing tightness in his loins. Kicking the blankets to the foot of the bed, Nathan slid his body over the length of hers without breaking the kiss, her warmth joining his through the material of her gown. Exciting him even more, her nails delicately traced lines down his back. He slid his fingers beneath her gown to slip it from her shoulder, the satiny feel of her skin begging him to touch her.

He tasted her skin and kissed a path down the side of her neck, along her bared collar bone. The muscles low in his groin contracted as her touch ignited embers deep inside of him that had lain dormant far too long. Nathan had hoped he’d hardened his feelings, buried them deep, but this woman had unknowingly found a way to caress his soul. He never thought he’d find another female who could incite such rolling passion within him, but then – Vanessa was no ordinary woman.

Listening to her moans of pleasure, feeling her body quiver at his touch, he knew he had awakened feelings she wanted left hidden, but the fire she created with him needed to be quenched. The heaviness of his arousal, coupled with the intoxicating scent of her, intensified the sensitivity of his flesh, making the movement of her hands on his back send a tremor down his spine. He ached all over for her.

As his lips seared a path across the swell of her breast, a moan again escaped her lips. When he glanced at her face, her closed eyes more than explained the pleasure she experienced with him. He slid his fingers beneath the material of her gown at her other shoulder, slipping it down to bare her breasts. He took his time, enjoying her soft skin. Leisurely tasting a rosy peak, Nathan gathered the weight of her breast in his hand. She pressed her head back into the pillow, and bit into her lower lip. Her movements brushed against his arousal and a groan slipped from his throat as he suckled her breast.

Gripping Vanessa’s waist, he rolled over, taking her with him. Her hair swept his face. He brushed it to one side, cupped her face in his hands and their eyes met; he sought another slow, amorous kiss. Her lips burned with fire, her tongue hot against his own, swirling together, making him crazy. The passion intensified his emotions.

The weight of her body atop him drove his desire to the edge. He’d make love to her right now if they didn’t slow down. With his need for her being so strong and suppressed for too long, Nathan withdrew from the kiss. Vanessa’s breath came in ragged gasps, telling him this affected her in the same way. He’d loved her for so long now and to hope for the same feelings to be returned made his heart soar.

She rested her forehead on his chest as he held her tight. “Nathan…we have to stop. I can’t do this,” she whispered and the muscles of his body tensed upon hearing her words, knowing they couldn’t go where they both wanted at the moment.

Contest #1: Are you an Anglophile who loves all things English? I know I am. I love historical romances and the authors who brought them to us so many years ago when I began reading. Who are YOUR favorite historical authors? Leave a comment and on the 28th I’ll pick one reader to win a $10 gift card. Be sure to leave your email addy and where you’d like your gift card to.

Contest #2: I’m holding a Grand Prize drawing and at the end of my blog tour, I’ll be picking four winners to receive a $25 gift card, winner’s choice. Click HERE to enter and then follow along on my blog stops to win even more. Please use the share buttons so your friends can stop over here also.

About the Author:
Deanna Jewel lives in the Pacific Northwest and has been writing since 1991. She is married to a retired captain of the fire department. He’s also owned his own businesses for 23 years. They have two Siamese cats: Zoie and Sinbad, who keep them entertained. Deanna has enjoyed reading historical romance novels for over thirty years, camping with her family, and traveling.

Her writing goal is to draw the reader into the story to experience what the characters feel, to show both the hero's and heroine's points of view, and to take the reader away from their every day stress to a place not yet visited.

Her site links:
Website http://deannajewel.com
Blog http://deannajewel.blogspot.com
FanPageFB http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=371589027638
FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/deanna.jewel
Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/DeannaJewel (@deannajewel)
YouTube-Deanna http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhee
An Avid Readers Haven http://avidreadershaven.com
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/deannajewel


  1. Hi ladies! Thank you for letting me hang out with your readers! I had a blast in Vegas and look forward to next year. Registration is now open, whoohoo!

    Readers, thank you for stopping by to read about my historical. I've been reading them for years and love reading Virginia Henley, Johanna Lindsey and Catherine Woodiwiss but that dates me a bit! LOL There are great historical authors our there now, too. Be sure to get in on the contests. I'll check in later for questions and comments!

  2. I love historical romance and its about my favorite read. I really enjoyed No Turning Back.Some of my favorite authors would be Cathernine Woodiwiss, Constance O'Banyon, Charlene Radon, just to name a few! I have been reading them for years so there are a lot more. I have trying to follow your tour but couldn't find your post on some of the blogs.

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

  3. I haven't read many historical romances yet, but I love them. I love Sylvia Day's books that I've read.

  4. Well yours of course Deanna,Sandra Sookoo,Caroline Clemmons, and Sabrina Jeffries are a few of my favorites.
    Sue B

  5. Johanna Lindsey
    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. I love seeing so many followers stop by to comment! Thank you ladies for taking the time!

  7. I have read and enjoyed some historical romances by Lisa Kleypas.
    Amazon GC
    colljerr at comcast dot net

  8. love all the historical romances....alot of great authors

  9. Some of my favorite historical romance authors are:
    Jennifer Ashley, Elizabeth Hoyt, Sarah MacLean, Hannah Howell....that's just to name a few.


  10. Hi again everyone! Thank you all for stopping by and thank you to Illustrious Illusions for letting me hang out her!

    Our $10 GC winner is: Sue B!! Congrats Sue!