Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New Release ~*~ Truth or Dare by Fern Michaels

The Sisterhood: a group of women bound by friendship and a quest for justice. Now their male allies, the Men of the Sisterhood, have formed a top-secret organization of their own, with the same goal of helping the helpless and righting the wrongs of the world . . .
When the call comes, the Men of the Sisterhood drop everything to help their friends. This time it’s Cyrus, their four-legged hound dog and unofficial mascot. While member Joe Espinosa is driving along an isolated country road with Cyrus in tow, he catches a glimpse of movement in the woods bordering the road and notes Cyrus pawing desperately at the car window. As soon as he pulls over to investigate, Cyrus bolts out the door and leads Joe to three children clustered together—bedraggled, silent, and scared out of their wits. As soon as he has brought the children to safety, Espinosa arranges an urgent meeting.
Charles, Abner, Jack, Dennis, Harry and the rest of the crew gather at BOLO headquarters to hear a shocking story that confirms their worst suspicions. Many more children are still in danger. But in order to protect and avenge the victims, the team must use more cunning than ever before. With so many vulnerable young lives at stake, one mistake would be too many . . .  

It's comforting to sit down and revisit old friends that I've found within the Sisterhood/Brotherhood series of books. Truth or Dare is a book I was excited to sit down and read and while it didn't seem to have some of the same oomph as others, it didn't disappoint.

I do highly recommend reading the previous books in the series before jumping in.  It can be read as a standalone, but there are so many connections that have happened in the early Sisterhood books that it is probably helpful. 

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