Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rosecliff Manor Haunting by Cheryl Bradshaw
Psychic medium Addison Lockhart jolts awake, her brow sweaty, head throbbing. The dream had seemed so real. 

The twins, eleven-year-old Vivian and Grace, were so full of life she wanted to reach out, touch them. But she couldn't. The girls had been dead for forty years. Why then had they appeared to her, summoning her help? Were their untimely deaths really an accident, or was something far more sinister to blame?

If you enjoy a mystery with a supernatural twist, you'll enjoy this fast-paced, bestselling series.

I honestly, can't remember if I read the first book in this series, but it's safe to say you can jump into book 2 with no problem :)

It's kind of a cozy mystery with some paranormal mixed in.  I like the characters and the storyline as Addison tries to figure out what was going on .  It's a sweet novella that while not an edge of my seat page turner, present a good, solid story that is an enjoyable read.

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