Friday, January 5, 2018

New Release ~ Right Here, Right Now by Georgia Beers

Accountant and financial advisor Lacey Chamberlain doesn’t consider herself a control freak. She’s merely a planner―orderly, neat, and content in her tidy little life. When a marketing firm moves into the empty office next door, the loud-music-playing, stinky-food-ordering, kickball-in-the-hall staff make Lacey crazy. 

Marketing expert Alicia Wright is spontaneous, flies by the seat of her pants, and lives in the moment―all the things Lacey is not. She’s also gorgeous, thoughtful, and seems determined to make Lacey like her. 

They say opposites attract, but for how long? And is that really a good idea?

This was my first book from Georgia Beers, but it will not be my last.  This is a refreshing story in the FF genre.  it is full of humor (yep I laughed out loud), romance, and kick-a$$ characters! 

It is very well written and a story with both a plot and characters you can get invested in and lose yourself.  Highly recommended

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