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Review & Excerpt ~*~ Jealousy by Jenna Galicki

Jealousy, a stand-alone novel

He's the shoulder she leans on.

He worships her.

She shields and protects him.

He watches over her.

They're soul mates for life.

They're not lovers; they're best friends.

Their struggle to find someone who can handle their intense bond is met with a roller coaster of raw emotion, loyalty and heartache. Follow their journey to find love.

Hailed as Will and Grace meets Sex and the City, two best friends, a straight woman and a gay man, struggle to find someone to love as much as they love each other.

When Heather Cooper married Peter, she thought that she had finally found someone who could handle the inseparable bond she shares with her gay best friend, Justin Perrotta. It's only a matter of time, however, before jealousy rears its ugly head and Peter's true feelings emerge. He starts drinking and his erratic behavior threatens their marriage.

Burned by an ex-boyfriend, Justin refuses to open his heart to love again. Wild relationships and one night stands leave him lonely and unfulfilled, even though he will not admit it. He finds love when he least expects it, but his fear of commitment threatens to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Heather tilted her face up into the hot spray of water and pushed her fingers through her wet hair. She closed her eyes while her subconscious drafted off and replayed the previous evening with Nick in her head. The rumble of the shower doors abruptly startled her back to reality, and Nick stepped inside to join her. She turned toward him and folded her arms in front of her body to shield the scars from her accident. “Stop doing that.” Nick took her arms and placed them around his waist and kissed her amidst the steamy water.

They lathered and washed each other, slowly, sliding the soapy water over the curves of each other’s body. It was sensual, not sexual. His kiss penetrated her mouth, while the water pelted off her back and splashed onto him. Her hand traveled over his sleek wet chest, and just when it was about to travel further downward, he removed it from his body and kissed the palm of her hand. He stepped out of the shower, unfolded the large bath towel and held it open for her. She looked at him quizzically for a moment before exiting the shower.

Nick wrapped the bath sheet around the both of them and hugged her close to him. She felt familiarity in his arms—warmth and security. They stood on the plush bath mat with their naked bodies pressed against one another. Nick held her in his arms without moving or making a sound. He left her with a gentle kiss and the towel, and strolled into the bedroom to dress.

Heather’s eyes followed his bare, round butt cheeks as he walked away from her, and she realized that she was beginning to fall for him. Her defense mechanism kicked in, and she reminded herself that she barely knew him . . . and he was young. She wondered how old he was, maybe 29 or 30. He was probably only still here for sex. After yesterday, why else would he be here? But he just passed up a perfect opportunity in the shower. He was visibly aroused, and she was clearly receptive. They could have easily had a third encounter, but he didn’t pursue it, and now they were going to breakfast.

Nick looked up from buttoning his jeans, and they shared a smile.

She brushed the incident off, resumed drying herself with the towel and quickly dressed in anticipation of spending more time with him. She wanted to find out what lurked behind that sensitive and arousing smile.

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I was so excited to meet Jenna this spring and get offered a chance to read the re-release of Jealousy (which I didn't even know about) that I was bouncing around the house when I got home from the event.

Jealousy is a deep story that is fun, sexy, and has just enough twists that when you think you have something figured out, it changes. While Jealousy is sweet, sexy and emotional, it's much more about the friendship of Heather and Justin than about any romance the two may have.

I can easily see the Will and Grace reference as it is similar, but this story has a depth to it that I don't find often and shows how friendship can help and hurt a relationship.  There are many compromises we have to make in life and Jealousy does a great job of highlighting some of those and the difficult choices Heather and Justin end up having to make for themselves and for each other.

If you are looking for a story that has a lot of emotional turmoil, angst, drama, and love. then I highly recommend Jealousy.  It is sexy and if you've read any of Jenna's other books, you know she can heat up the pages, but there is a lot more beneath the surface of this story that will really tug at your heart-strings.

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Jenna Galicki is a strong advocate for LGBT rights and marriage equality. She volunteers with God's Love We Deliver, delivering meals to people with HIV and AIDS and other life threatening illnesses. She actively raises money and participates in AIDS Walk New York and is a proud sponsor of Children International.

She lives in Long Island, NY with her husband and two dogs. She's a Rottweiler enthusiast and an avid music buff. Elaborate stories and fictional characters are her constant companions. When she's not hunched over a computer, you can find her front row at a rock concert.

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