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Excerpt & Giveaway ~*~ Surviving Valentine by Jessica Florence

Surviving ValentineBeach Eyes: Beautiful gold surrounding the pupils, just like sand at the beach, and then suddenly BAM! A deep blue like the ocean.

It all started with beach eyes for Scarlet Barnette. After jumping into bed with men without getting to know them first, she has learned it always ends in disaster. So she puts everything she has into running her self defense studio. As Valentine’s Day approaches Scarlet tries to steer clear of men who promise her a good time. Until she meets Darien Valentine and his beach eyes.

Resisting him is going to take every ounce of control she has. Especially when she finds out he is her sexy new neighbor.

Darien Valentine wants Scarlet.

As soon as he saw her, he knew he had to have her.

She says she wants to be friends before lovers. Well Darien is just going to be the best friend she will ever have. Looks like this Navy Seal has his next mission.

Will they be able to resist giving in?

And when Tragedy strikes, will they survive it at all?

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jessica florence
She owns me. That’s all there was to it. Feeling her coming apart with my hands was pure fucking amazing. Her lips were swollen from our kissing; her face was flushed from what we did. I didn’t want any other fucker in this place to see how she looked after she fell apart like this. She was amazing. I was in love with this woman. She owned me. Period.

I wanted to take her right here, against this desk, just bury myself inside her to the hilt. But I wanted to take my time with her. Worship her the way she should be, and I couldn’t do that here. I pushed a piece of hair out from her face. I brought my fingers that were inside her to my mouth. I was right, she tasted so sweet. I couldn’t wait to have more.

“You taste delicious; I can’t wait to make you come with my mouth.” Her eyes rolled back, a very soft moan came from her throat. I continued “But not here baby. I want to take my time with you, lick every inch of your body.” She grabbed me by the shirt and crushed her lips to mine. I guessed she liked my dirty talk. Her body shuddered and invaded my mouth, leading her tongue over mine. Tasting herself on me. God that was so fucking hot! I stopped us before I lost control.

“Ok, we need to go back out there before I say fuck it and take you here against this desk.” She nodded.

We walked back out to the dance floor, and no one looked at us. Good, I wouldn’t want her to feel embarrassed if she thought everyone heard what we were doing. Candace and Ross were dancing in the middle of the floor. I led us over and joined them. We danced and laughed. Somehow this woman dancing with me has turned one of the worst times in my life into the best times. I thought I was going to go crazy on this leave, and now I’m not so sure I want it to end. I needed to think about all of that, but not now.

Now I needed to make this woman mine. Her ass wiggled against me. My hands coasted her waist, I just wanted to fucking ravish her. I ran the tip of my nose along the side of her neck, and pulled her close. Her breathing grew heavy. I knew she could feel how hard I was for her. She ran her hands up my neck and through my hair. I loved it when she did that. It made me want to possess her, go fucking alpha caveman on her. That seemed like all I’ve wanted to do to her since I met her.
Other books by Jessica Florence

Weighing of the Heart
81oyTppdFxL._SL1500_The more I see the less I know for sure- John Lennon.

After living in peace for twenty five years Thalia Alexander’s life is about to change.

A black hair, grey eyed, sexy man shows up in her dreams, and then in reality. He looked like trouble with a capital T, but she couldn’t stay away. Something inside her called out for him.

Tristan Jacks is intense, and has a possessiveness for Thalia that she doesn’t understand. They just met, but it would seem like she has known him a lot longer.

Those strange dreams continue to stalk Thalia as her relationship with Tristan builds to be an epic love for the ages.

What do those dreams mean to her? Is Tristan the sexy, sweet, bad ass man he claims?

And when secrets are revealed will she be able to handle the truth?

** Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18, Language, and Sexual Content**

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Author Bio:
I am a books, movie, and music nerd. I can tell you about every book I’ve read chapter by chapter. Can tell you about every movie I’ve ever seen, and can sing songs I’ve only heard once.

I’m pretty talented right?!

I absolutely love writing. It’s been a pure dream to write and put my stories out into the world for all the lovely readers to have in their grabby hands.

I currently own my own business in Southwest Florida.

I love the warm weather, and the humidity.

I love torturing my husband ;) playing with my dog Rogue, and making my super cute as hell baby smile.

I’m obsessed with survival stuff. Just put me out in the woods for a weekend and I will Bear Grylls it up!

I’m not a good cook, I can make quesadillas like no bodies business though!

I will always be me, and stand up for what I feel.

I am a geeky redhead that reads books, and likes to be outside. That’s me. <3

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