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Review & Excerpt ~*~ Knowing Her Place by Kay Jaybee

Knowing Her Place Blog Tour- 
The Perfect Submissive Trilogy
Kay Jaybee

Many thanks for letting me stop by on the second day of my blog tour celebrating the release of my latest novel, Knowing Her Place- the final part of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy.

I never intended to write a trilogy. When I first created Miss Jess Sanders, Miss Sarah, Mrs Peters, and the other members of staff at the Fables Hotel in Oxfordshire, I was only thinking as far as creating my very first full length BDSM novel. That was a daunting enough prospect on its own, without considering another book or two beyond it!

Such was the success of The Perfect Submissive however, to my delight (and surprise), I was asked to extend the adventures of Miss Jess Sanders- and I have had the best time doing just that!

If you haven’t read Book 1(The Perfect Submissive) or Book 2 (The Retreat) - here’s a bit of background for you...

The story of Miss Jess Sanders, and her unexpected journey into the world of professional sexual submission, began when she took a job as a booking at the Fables Hotel. Before Jess knew what was happening, the hotel’s manageress, Mrs Peters, had earmarked her as a trainee for her real domain- the fifth floor- where a whole new meaning is applied to the term “adult entertainment", and Jess’s life would never be the same again... (The Perfect Submissive).

No sooner had Jess adjusted to, and accepted, the fact that she was born to live a submissive lifestyle, than she was unceremoniously whisked away from Fables. Bundled onto a plane to Scotland with Miss Sarah, Jess finds herself in the custody of her most feared client, David Proctor. Informed they are being taken away to train David Proctor’s new sub, it didn’t take long for Jess and Miss Sarah long to realise this wasn’t really why they’d been ‘borrowed.’ For the women suddenly find themselves trapped deep inside a pseudo fairytale ... (The Retreat)

In my latest novel, Knowing Her Place, the final instalment of the story, Jess has to face her toughest challenge yet. Not only does she have to find her way home- but she has to decide exactly where that home is- and with whom...

With her head full of unanswered questions, exhausted from her fairytale experience at the hands of Dr Ewen, Lady Tia, and the staff of the adult entertainment service provided by The Retreat, Jess Sanders is desperate to leave Scotland, and return to her usual submissive position at the exclusive Fables Hotel in Oxford.

Having been thwarted in his plans to keep Jess at The Retreat permanently, its owner David Proctor isn’t willing to let Jess go back to her dominatrix, Miss Sarah, and her employer, Mrs Peters, without sending her on one final mission. Only if she succeeds in her task, will Proctor remove the collar of servitude he has locked around Jess’s neck.

With a list of five unknown addresses in her hand, Jess Sanders is placed in a car and driven from The Retreat towards England. With no idea what or who awaits her at the first stop, all Jess can hope for is that her journey will eventually take her back to where she belongs.
To the Fables Hotel, where Jess Sanders truly knows her place.

Here’s an extract from the very beginning of Chapter 1...

Miss Jess Sanders fingered the cream envelope she clutched between her fingers. The paper was damp, its previously crisp edges tattered and limp from where she’d been gripping it so tightly.

Her right hand came to her throat. Gingerly, Jess fingered the black leather collar that spanned her neck.

Every part of her ached.

Sitting in the rear of a very comfortable, chauffeur-driven BMW, Jess couldn’t even face glancing out of the window. The journey from the North East of Scotland to wherever it was she was being taken in England seemed to be taking forever.

Only a few hours earlier, Jess had been working at The Retreat, providing submissive services at a business launch party, where 150 delegates from the Fairtasia adult comic production company had explored every inch of her body. Reclining against the leather seat, she closed her eyes. She could still feel the imprint of each hand, tongue, breast and cock that had come her way. Her stomach churned with nerves, anger, fatigue, and her body’s treacherous and constant need for more sex.

Seven months ago, Jess had no idea she was a born submissive.

Six months ago, after becoming bored with a succession of temping jobs, she’d applied for the position of booking clerk at the Fables Hotel in Oxford, landed the post, and her life had changed beyond all recognition. From being a single girl, with a lacklustre sex life and no partner, Jess had become the resident submissive on Fables’ fifth floor. A place which, under the iron management of the very dominant Mrs Peters, provided a special service for adults who wished for their ultimate sexual fantasies to come true without fear of judgement, and in perfect safety.

Initially Jess had been horrified at how well, and how quickly, she’d adapted to this new subservient lifestyle. A lifestyle Mrs Peters had spotted she was suited to long before Jess herself had any idea. But just as she’d settled into her new life and work regime at the hotel, Jess had found herself uprooted.

One of Fables’ most demanding clients, Mr David Proctor, had persuaded Mrs Peters to lend him Jess, along with her dominatrix Miss Sarah, to help him and his manageress, Dr Ewen, set up his own Fables-style establishment in a remote part of Scotland – The Retreat.

Jess and Miss Sarah had been told they were being lent to Proctor to teach his staff the art of submissive behaviour. The reality of the situation, however, hadn’t been quite so straightforward.

Running her little finger along the outer edge of the collar for a second time, Jess fought back the constant reflex to choke. It was so tight. There was no way it could be cut free without damaging her skin.
David Proctor had forced Jess into his collar, declaring her his property unless she proved herself worthy of release. He was the only one with a key to the little silver padlock that held it together at the front of her neck. Even if she did manage to prise the leather free somehow, as the car left the never-ending A9 that tracks the east side of Scotland and joined the motorway, Jess could hear Proctor’s warning words echo in her ears when she’d threatened to call Mrs Peters …

“If you call her, that collar is never coming off. There is only one key and I have it. And before you think it can be cut off, it can’t be done. Not without hurting you. Anyway, if you did get it cut off, you’d have failed, and part of you would always remain mine. I can’t see Mrs Peters liking that very much; can you?”

Jess hated that he was right. Her boss wouldn’t have liked it all. She tried to tell herself that Mrs Peters would come to her rescue – but she physically and mentally shrank back from wondering what the cost of making such a request of the Fables’ mistress would be.

Unbidden, her mind slipped from thoughts of her boss to Miss Sarah. She tried to ignore the increase in her pulse rate, and the automatic swell of her breasts that the image of the tall, slim, demanding dominatrix always caused. For a split second, while they’d been together at The Retreat, Jess had begun to hope Miss Sarah cared for her a little beyond the requirements of work.

Jess knew, although she would never have been foolish enough to say so out loud, that she had formed a strong emotional attachment to the woman who dominated her body day after day in the pursuit of other people’s pleasure. Sometimes she trusted that her personal feelings towards her mistress were genuine but, on other occasions, logical thought took over. She told herself, for the umpteenth time, as she looked out in the night, that she’d probably adopted some sort of warped Stockholm Syndrome feeling to Miss Sarah; like a victim falling for her kidnapper.

It had been Miss Sarah who Mrs Peters had ordered to train Jess when she’d first joined the team at Fables. A training which had included a vigorously kinky, and highly effective, exercise routine that gave Jess immense stamina, teaching her how to remain motionless for prolonged periods of time, and how to delay an orgasm for as long as humanly possible.

At first, Jess had been terrified of Miss Sarah. She’d suspected the dominatrix resented her arrival, especially when Mrs Peters began to refer to Jess as her “perfect submissive.” This was a title Jess now understood had been designed precisely to provoke her, and force her to work even harder for fear of not living up to her requirements. It had nothing to do with Mrs Peters thinking Jess was good at her job –although Jess hoped she did.

But she sent you away … Jess shook her head sharply. Mrs Peters couldn’t have known Proctor had planned to keep her all along. She couldn’t possibly have been in on this from the start. Her boss had been conned by Proctor. They’d all been conned.

Although each of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy novels can be read on their own, you’ll get far more out of Jess’s adventure if you’ve followed it from the beginning. You can find buy all three books from Amazon, and all good book and e-book retailers.

Review ~
First, I highly recommend you read this series in order.  You can find my review of the first two books, The Perfect Submissive and The Retreat by clicking here.While these book would be enjoyable on their own, they do build on one another and you'll get more depth reading them all. 

With that said, let me talk a little about Knowing Her Place.  It is a perfect conclusion to the trilogy and Kay Jaybee does give us just enough background to refresh our memories if it's been awhile since you've picked up the first two. After that we go on a wild adventure with Jess as she tries to earn her way back to Fables.  

Kay Jaybee gives us a wonderful mixture of suspense, eroticism, and emotion as we follow Jess and wonder if she will survive the trials she is put through.  While I will still admit my favorite in this series is The Perfect Submissive, Knowing Her Place is really the perfect conclusion to Jess' journey and understanding of her own strength and desires. 

The Perfect Submissive
The Retreat
 Knowing Her Place
Amazon UK  ~  Amazon.com   

Thanks for letting me come by and share a little of my brand new novel with you today
Kay xxx

Kay Jaybee wrote The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat, Knowing Her Place, Xcite, 2012-14), and the novels Making Him Wait, (Sweetmeats Press, 2012), and The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), (Xcite 2012), as well as the novellas, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man (2nd ed. 1001 NightsPress, 2013), Digging Deep (Xcite, 2013), A Sticky Situation, (Xcite, 2012), and The Circus, (Sweetmeats Press). She has also written the anthologies Christmas Kink, (KDP, 2013), The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012 & 2008), The Best of Kay Jaybee (Xcite, 2012), Tied to the Kitchen Sink, Equipment, (All Romance, 2012), Yes Ma’am (Xcite e-books, 2011), Quick Kink One and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010). Kay has had over 80 short stories published by Cleis Press, Black Lace, Mammoth, Xcite, Penguin, Seal, and Sweetmeats Press.
Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at www.kayjaybee.me.uk

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