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Review & Giveaway ~*~ November Foxtrot by Scarlett Jade

September Tango was last summer's whirlwind romance, and now Calvin and Zoe are back in November Foxtrot, the latest installment in the Rhythm of the Heart Series by Scarlett Jade.

We learned about their lives and fell for their love story in September Tango, and now while they are apart we will be in the trenches fighting right along with them for their romance in November Foxtrot. Zoe has a secret that could tear the tentative bond they have apart. As the holidays arrive and they are brought back together, trouble mars the magic of their love. Life, death, drama and hope... Will their love survive? Or will their relationship become the refuse tossed among the waves on the beach?

NOVEMBER FOXTROT Book 2 Rhythm Of The Heart Series

Zoe is left all alone in Colorado when Calvin returns to Afghanistan. And now, as the weeks pass, she has a secret...a secret that could crumble the precarious foundation of their relationship. As Christmas comes one shock after another leaves everything hanging in the balance... Life, death, and hope...Will they be able to ring in the New Year in happiness, or will the holidays be ruined?


Review ~
First, understand that November Foxtrot is a continuation of September Tango. While you can read it, and enjoy it on its own, I highly, highly recommend reading them in order to get the most enjoyment.

November Foxtrot is a beautifully written story of love, forgiveness and perseverance. While it does have a cliffhanger waiting for book 3, it is an enjoyable story for anyone that likes to read about a couple that faces real-life, every day issues.

I truly enjoyed the realistic aspect and down to earth feel of Zoe and Calvin. They face more issues than I would hope anyone has to in a short time. But it does happen and it's fascinating to read how Scarlett Jade gives them so many dimensions. Looking forward to reading more in February Waltz.

SEPTEMBER TANGO Book 1 Rhythm Of The Heart Series


Recommended for 18+ due to adult language and sexual situations.

Zoe Parker and Calvin Hall grew up together in the small town of Major, Alabama but were always separated by one person, his ex-girlfriend and her former best friend Callie. Zoe always loved him from afar and he never noticed her. After being gone for five years with the military he is back home and over a campfire they reconnect and sparks finally fly. Their passion runs hot and lost time is made up for as he realizes she is what he wants. Lies, deceit, and pain mar the magic they've made together, and through it all they realize that the one constant they have is each other. When Calvin is called back early for duty will they keep on dancing or will it simply be a September Tango?

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