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Interview & Giveaway ~*~ Forbidden Bond by Jessica Lee

Interview with Jessica Lee . . . 

Are you a plotter or a pantser, or a hybrid?
 I would say I’m a hybrid. I have to know where several points in the story ahead of time. For example, I can usually see how the story will begin, the midpoint event, and usually the black moment at the end. Now how my characters will get me to those points, the chapter by chapter details on the journey, I normally don’t have a clue. lol That’s where the pantser in me will take over.

In your opinion, what makes a great hero?
 I personally love the hero, who despite the horrors of his past, has been able to hold onto his sense of right and wrong, his humanity, and compassion. In other words, someone who you can cheer for. No matter how much the world has beat him down, you know this male will rise up, and regardless of his pain, defeat his enemy.

Do you prefer strong women for heroines, or the ‘damsel in distress’ type?
 Strong heroines, for sure. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy an occasional rescue by the hero. You know when the hero breaks down the door and takes a few heads during the rescue of his mate. *grin* I do love an alpha male. But I also enjoy a story when the heroine gets in a few punches as well right along beside him.

What book are you currently reading?
 I am currently beta reading book four in Naima Simone’s Secrets and Sins series, Chayot. Oh my God, this book is so awesome. I can’t wait for everyone to have a chance to get their hands on it.

Do you have anything in common with your characters?
 Oh, I wish I was as tough and badass as some of my characters and experience some of their adventures. But no, my stories are truly fiction.

What item, or items, is absolutely necessary to your writing mojo?
I would say that would have to be music. I’m not one, though, who can write when the songs are blasting in my ears. The lyrics sometimes get in the way. But I’ve gotten to where at first I need the music to help me get into my character’s headspace.

Do you have any rituals for writing or special locations that you prefer to inhabit when you’re writing?
Lately, it’s been my bedroom after the sun has set. I close the door, climb onto my mattress with my laptop, and die out to the rest of the world.

Right now, what items are on your desk that you’d be embarrassed to admit to?
 Maybe not embarrassed, but my desk could seriously use some organization. I have everything from a coffee cup, old birthday cards, to tax documents across the top.

What’s the strangest (neatest, coolest, etc) thing you’ve ever done?
Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done is attend a LeatherFet event. That was so much fun and quite educational!

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what type(s) do you lean towards?
Yes! What type varies greatly by the book I’m writing. I typically play a set of songs whose beat or lyrics resonate with me and about my characters, their personality, their struggles, etc.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, Naima Simone, Lora Leigh, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Just to name a few. lol

What was your favorite subject in high school or college?
Believe it or not, I was always a science geek. During college, I would drop a class if I found out that they required essay tests or research papers. I didn’t like to write! lol  I’ve come to believe it all had something to do with being forced to write something that wasn’t my choice. Fiction, especially for me with paranormal romance, allows my imagination to run wild. It’s exciting to see where it takes me.

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?
The next book on my deadline list is book four in the Enclave series for Entangled Publishing, Undying Hunger. This is the long awaited book that will tell former Enclave warrior, Markus’ story. Will he find love and redemption? Or will he forever be lost to the darkness that’s touched his soul?

What do you do when you’re not writing?
Laundry! lol With a husband and 9 yr old waiting for me to emerge from the writing cave, there’s always something or someone needing mom. I’m also a big SYFY channel junkie. So when I’m not writing, I’m usually trying to catch up on my favorite shows like Being Human and Lost Girl.

Quick Questions:
Coffee of tea?  Coffee

Wine or beer? That would have to be neither. Never acquired a taste for wine or beer. Now I do love Tequila. lol  Margarita anyone?

Beach or mountains?  Beach

Summer or Fall?  Fall. Definitely. Summers are brutal in South Carolina

Pedicure or massage?  Massage. Sigh.

Some bonds run soul deep

Eion Mandrake, wolf shifter and rising alpha, has a secret. The years he spent at school in Little Crow Pass, Wyoming wasn't just for a typical high school education. He'd been sent to learn all he could about life as a human. What he wasn't counting on was his best friend's younger sister, Olivia Wilson. Saving the little daredevil from drowning bonded him to her forever. But pack law dictates no shifter and human are allowed to mate, leaving Eion no choice. He had to leave Little Crow.

Twelve years later, Eion's returned, and all he wants is to get in and get out of town as quickly as possible. Yet, the moment he runs into Olivia he realizes the flame he's carried for the human stills burns hot and out of control.

But Olivia is all grown up now and has a new man in her life--one she can count on to stick around. She's doing her best to move forward and forget her childhood crush. However, Olivia needs Eion's help. Problem is, lowering the wall around his heart to become Olivia's hero once more could destroy both their worlds.

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Jessica Lee is an EPIC eBook Award winner and international bestselling author of paranormal romance. She lives in the southeastern United States with her husband and son. In her former life, Jessica was a science geek and spent over twenty-five years as a nurse. But after the birth of her son, she left her medical career behind. During that transition, she discovered her passion for writing romance and has never looked back. Jessica Lee is currently published by three houses:
Entangled Publishing, Resplendence Publishing, and Ellora's Cave. In addition, she has several self-published titles available. Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America and Carolina Romance Writers.

Twitter: @jessleenovels

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  1. This sounds like a really great story. What inspired the characters and story? I am always curious what inspirations authors draw on.

  2. Who would be the character inspiration for Eion?

  3. I want to ask is there already covers to pick from or do you make your own?

  4. I'm wondering where your ideas come from as well! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by Forbidden Bond's VBT! Yay! Great questions!
    My inspirations for the books and my characters... For me, they come from everywhere. TV, movies, every day life. I've always been an animal lover, and a science geek, so I think part of Olivia's character probably came from my love for veterinary medicine. I'm part American Indian, plus I love Irish lore, so the love for those two things I'm sure inspired me with Eion's heritage. Oh, and I LOVE alpha heros! So there you go, Eion Mandrake is born. lol

  6. Hi Collen,

    Thank you for the question and for visiting my post! No, I don't personally make my own covers or purchase stock covers. I'm completely inept at graphic design. lol I have a cover artist that I work with who is fabulous, Mina Carter!