Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review ~*~ Hollow Men by Sommer Marsden

America’s greed finally bit it on the ass in late 2012. The Mayans had nothing to do with our spectacular fall. All things fast, cheap and super-sized did. They called them Hollow Men because the phenomenon appeared in men first. The theory being men, toting more muscle mass, ate more meat. And meat was ground zero…

In a new world where voracious inhuman killers roam the streets and human poachers can be just as dangerous, the only thing that could make loner Eleanor Salt’s life more complicated is the love from her past. Evan Blackwood.

He’s the one who got away. Or more like she pushed him. But now he’s back, and he still loves her. And he wants her to come with him. To have a shot at a real life. All they have to do is survive the open road and get to a safe place. If they can.

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Review ~ 

I love Sommer Marsden's Zombie Exterminator's series so when this one came up for review, I jumped at the chance to see what else she came up with for a New Reality type of world. You may notice this is listed as 'New Reality Series, Book Eleven', you do not need to read all of the books to catch up.  They are stand-alone and it seems to just refer to them being set in a new reality!!  So don't get scared.

Eleanor has been surviving the outbreak that created the Hollow Men by herself for a little while when Evan shows up at her doorstep. Their past gets him asked into the house - well that and the fact he's not a Hollow Man.  Eleanor is still attracted to Evan and as her older neighbors are leaving the area and more and more poachers are approaching, she lets Evan convince her to head for a safer place. 

Their journey is full of turmoil.  The rebuilding of a possible relationship, even in a world they are unsure of, is a stressful task on it's own.  Now that you add in the struggle to survive poachers and Hollow Men, and life gets even more stressful.  So many things are stacked against them, but they are determined to succeed and get to a safe place.  But the journey may not be that easy or may take them somewhere else entirely. . . 

I highly recommend Hollow Men if you enjoy a passionate story with unusual circumstances.  The Hollow Men are scary but Sommer Marsden thrusts you into this world and you have to sit and wonder if it could really happen and how you would handle it.  There is so much more to Hollow Men than just the new reality romance.  It will leave you with conversation starters and questions about yourself that you may not be able to answer but, as with all of her books, Sommer will leave you feeling satisfied and hopeful.

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