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Review ~*~ Still by Ann Mayburn

Blurb ~*~
Dr. Michelle Sapphire and Gunnery Sargent Wyatt Callahan formed an unbreakable bond and an unacknowledged, forbidden attraction to each other while serving together in Afghanistan. Their lives are forever changed when a mortar attack grievously wounds Wyatt and Michelle brings him back from the brink of death. But when they both return to the civilian world Michelle discovers that her rock-solid Marine is suffering from severe PTSD and may even be suicidal.

Wyatt Callahan fell hard for the aristocratic blonde doctor the moment he laid eyes on her. After reentering civilian life in his hometown near Austin, Texas, Wyatt is plagued by nightmares of the death and suffering he witnessed during the war. He’d love to reach out to Michelle, but there is one thing stopping him. Michelle is a Dominatrix and she has made it very clear to Wyatt she isn’t interested in a relationship with anyone who doesn’t accept her lifestyle. An Alpha male to the core, he can't imagine the appeal of being submissive, but at the same time, the idea of serving Michelle, of being everything she wants and needs rings true in his wounded soul.

Michelle has dark secrets of her own and together with Wyatt she will have to battle her personal demons in their emotional journey of healing, redemption, and love.

Available ~*~ eBook
Pages ~*~ 294
Rating ~*~ 5 Stars

Review ~*~
     The first word that comes to mind is simply WOW.  I literally just finished this and rushed to do a review because I am utterly blown away and aching for part two of this story. I definitely wasn't ready for Still to end and the shocking thing is I heard that Ann Mayburn had decided to rewrite pieces of this story to make it better after I got my ARC- I can't imagine anything better than this. I have been a fan of her writing for several years and while I haven't read every book written by Ann Mayburn ~ yet ~ Still ranks up there as one of my all time favorites.
     Still is the first book in the Long Slow Tease series and it represents its name very well.  This book is simply one long slow tease for the reader as well as the characters.  Michelle and Wyatt are two very strong alpha characters who have survived things most of us don't want to imagine ~ yet we all respect and attempt to empathize with what they have been through.  Michelle spent her time in the Navy in combat zones as a doctor doing her best to save the men who put their lives on the line.  Wyatt spent much of his time on the front line or supporting the front line in various combat zones.  Both came home with scars ~ physical and emotional.
     When Michelle gets a call to come rescue Wyatt's drunk a** from jail, she knows that thing need to change.  While they did have an intimate relationship while in the service, she wants one with him now that they are out.  But she has to come clean with what she expects from this alpha Marine and see if he can open himself up enough to be a part of her life. Michelle is a fascinating dominant who knows that Wyatt needs a firm hand to bring him around and she isn't afraid to be the strong person that he needs. 
   I can't really say enough about Still.  The issues of PTSD are real and vary from person to person.  As someone who has family the suffers from these issues, I am amazed and in awe of the wonderful authors who can put it out there so everyone can see at least a piece of what our military men and women go through. Ann Mayburn takes a sensitive topic and gives it legs.  The scenario's she creates are realistic enough that you ~will~ need Kleenex nearby for some of this story. From the very first page of this story, she will take you on a journey unlike anything you have ever experienced.  An emotional roller coaster that is scorching hot with each climb and drop of your stomach.   By the time the happy for now ending rolls around you'll probably be like me and whining for Ann to get Penance out like right now because you just can't wait and the tease she gives us in Still makes us want it more than Wyatt wants to please his Domina...

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I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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