Reviewers Wanted

Do you love to read books and tell others what you think ?!?!

We are seeking reviewers with the following abilities . . .
  • Be able to write clear, professional reviews that requires minimal editing 
  • Reviewers must be able to review books in a timely fashion
  • Interested in reading books with diverse themes (We get mostly romance of ALL genres and mystery/thriller)
  • Must have Facebook account (to be able to post on our page)
  • Must be able to read eBooks

All reviewers must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
  • Must be 18 or over.
  • Reviewers agree to review all books that are provided to them from this website. 
  • Reviewers are not paid for reviews.  You will receive a free book from the author or publisher.
  • Reviewers agree to not distribute or sale any e-books provided to them.  It is illegal.
  • Reviewers are responsible for their actions.  If a reviewer is found to break this law, they will be immediately removed from our reviewer list and can face legal action from the author or publisher.
  • All reviews should be based on the content of the book alone. There will be no bashing of author, publisher, or general subject matter.
  • Reviewers cannot be employed by an author or publisher.
  • By submitting a review, the reviewer is assigning copyright to  

Anyone interested in reviewing books please EMAIL us.

Please tell me a little about you, what you like to read and if you have a review to include of any book (liked or disliked), that would be great!