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Review ~*~ Hard Way (Vegas Top Guns) by Katie Porter

Blurb ~*~

No holds barred. No mercy. No going back…

Vegas Top Guns, Book 4
Throughout their eight-year marriage, U.S. Air Force Captain Liam “Dash” Christiansen and his wife, Sunita, stayed strong through long separations. However Sunny’s new job as a high-profile legal advisor puts a severe strain on their enduring bond.
Her abrupt announcement that she wants a divorce is like a missile to Dash’s gut—but her confession that she’s met another man is what unleashes his shocking passion. Sunny is surprised and nearly repulsed by her body’s reaction to Dash’s animalistic attempt at complete possession. That doesn’t stop her from craving more.
   With Sunny’s whispered approval, their sex life explodes. Not only does Dash’s aggression tap into dark fantasies, she’s hopeful that now, at last, she’ll get what she’s always wanted from her devil-may-care, don’t-give-a-damn husband. Something honest and candid. Something real.
   Yet fiery, carnal encounters won’t heal two long-broken hearts. Their bodies are finally speaking the same forbidden language, but it will take more than taboo desires to learn each other for the first time—and to save a marriage that’s only just begun.

Warning: Time to put the kidding aside. Although 100% consensual between a husband and wife, this book contains violent sex that, in some scenes, will appear forced. Readers sensitive to rape scenarios should proceed with caution.

ebook327 pages

Published April 9th 2013 by Samhain Publishing

5 Star Review ~*~

  I am going to start off by restating the author's warning for this book. Hard Way is dark, intense and while 100% consensual if you have an aversion or sensitivity to violent sex, rape scenes, or very rough/crude language proceed with the utmost of caution.  If you have read the first three books in this series and enjoyed them, this one is nothing like them when it comes to the relationship between Dash & Sunny.  The writing is still spectacular and the story well done, but it is much more gritty than the others.

   Hard Way gives us insight to Dash & Sunny a couple that has been married for eight years.  During this time they seem to have been apart more than they have been together due to their career's and life decisions.  Now, when push comes to shove can their mutual carnal desires be enough to pull them back together? Or will it just assist them on their destructive path?
   To me, Hard Way is a unique story that touches on things that are taboo.  Well it doesn't touch on them it puts them out there in detail.  While I have adored this series since it started, this book took me to an unexpected place that was not unwelcome.  I love a dark story that has a great plot and can really make me love and hate the main characters ~ at the same time. I thought the story line was realistic and as intense as the passion Dash & Sunny share.

   I started this as I was lying in bed to fall asleep and ended up staying awake for hours because I couldn't put it down.  The intensity of these characters jumps off the pages and actually invaded my dreams.  I laughed and cried as Dash & Sunny struggled through their emotions of guilt and love, then blaming each others and themselves, and finally forgiveness of both.

  If the dark and gritty doesn't bother you, you don't mind violent almost forced sex (that is still consensual  and you enjoy a well written story that will keep you awake at night then this is the one for you.  Again, fair warning if any of that bothers you, skip this story and move on to another one.

To give you a slight example fo the intensity of Hard Way ~ Love this snippet of a scene

  “Someone woke up expecting too much,” she said in a snide tone. Her luscious, dark brown eyes flicked down to the obvious erection tucked awkwardly in his boxer briefs.

“And someone woke up ready to play the part of a goddamn tease.”

Then it was gone. His softness. His tenderness for this woman. It winked out. No, it detonated like a chandelier smashed with a baseball bat.

She ground her teeth and tried to headbutt him. She caught him across the temple, but he didn’t even sway. Her insides clamped in a happy little lost-girl response. This was what she wanted. Being completely dominated meant she could give up her choices, let the world fall away and scream her goddamn head off.

Pick up Hard Way or one of the first three books in this series here....

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